Chotais, Chartered Accountants* is a medium sized accounting firm based in Brisbane, Australia.

The practice philosophy is one of providing a high quality service at a reasonable cost whilst maintaining close client contact.

Our Services

·       Business Services including income and other tax law compliance

·       Management Consulting

·       Revenue Law Planning

·       Superannuation

·       Corporate Structuring

·       Estate Planning

·       Mergers and Acquisitions

·       Audits and Investigations

·       Commercial Litigation Support

·       Insolvency and Corporate Reconstruction Advice

·       Special Projects



The firm originated in 1978.

The focus of the firm is to work closely with private company groups. The firm acts for client groups with a turnover up to $200 million.


Mission Statement

The practice philosophy is one of providing a high quality service at a reasonable cost whilst maintaining close client contact. We believe that the mission statement of the firm is summarised quite well (albeit in a light-hearted manner) in the thoughts behind the design of our logo and the boardroom motif.



About Our Logo

We have often been asked for an explanation of the significance of our firm logo and the red flashes (known as 'the sentinels') used as a motif in our Boardroom.




The Logo


The firm logo depicted on the left was developed in March 1988 with the adoption of the firm name of 'Chotais'. It consists of a stylised triangular 'C' overlaid with a set of graduated bars that form a square with rounded corners. In its proper form the 'C' and the spacing between the graduated bars is transparent (i.e. the same colour as the background material) and the bars themselves are in gold.

As a variation, the 'C' and the spacing between the bars or the graduated bars may be in maroon, black or grey. The firm's policy has always been to act boldly for its clients but with care and consideration. This is summed up well by 'Fortiter in re, Suaviter in modo' ('Resolute in action, gentle in manner'). It is quite obvious that the stylised 'C' represents the initial letter of the firm name. What is not obvious is that the other main features of the logo combine to represent the firm's professional philosophy - one might call it a pictorial 'mission statement'.

The triangle represents the performance trinity made up of:

  • Excellence represented by the apex of the triangle
  • Founded upon Care and Knowledge represented by the other two vertices
  • The break in the triangle signifies flexibility and adaptability, a degree of responsiveness greater than that found in a rigid structure. The triangle as a whole is not unlike one half of the Scales of Justice and as such represents the desire to be a balancing force for the client.

The graduated bars signify a sense of proportion and judgement. The gold colour in the logo's proper representation signifies the continuous concern of the profession with money and wealth. The rounded corners denote experience (because they appear 'worn with age'! ).

The Sentinels



The sentinels, red in colour, worked into the decor of the Boardroom were adopted in January 1993.
We have dubbed the two sentinels 'Fidelis et Vigilantis' ( 'loyalty and vigilance'). They symbolise the style of advice that the firm strives to provide.

The motif is fashioned to suit a 'consiliarius regia' ('an advisor to royalty'). In our case, 'royalty' simply means important people - the clients!

With reference to the shape, the right angle at the base of each sentinel is 'true' and denotes the truth and veracity of the advice. The alignment of the ‘pointers’ at the top of each sentinel draws attention to one point of focus.

This signifies that we try to deliver our advice clearly and in an unambiguous manner.

The colour denotes the vigour with which we strive to deliver our advice.



Liability limited by a scheme approved under Professional Standards legislation

*Chotais Pty Ltd trading (under licence) as Chotais, Chartered Accountants. ABN 53 661 905 047